Patients and friends sometimes ask me about the beginning of Wareham Pediatrics and how it compares with today. So, here it is…

My arrival in Wareham came after looking along the New England coast for a community  needing a pediatrician. Tobey Hospital had one, but when he went on vacation or was away for a weekend, Tobey Hospital had none to care for the community’s newborns or ill children.

The Emergency Room was staffed with local physicians, or residents and interns from Boston hospital training programs. There were several general practitioners who did everything in patient care. Only two anesthesiologists were available for surgical or ICU care. The pediatric unit and the nursery were small but staffed with talented and excellent nurses. The medical community was making a transition from general practice doctors to specialists with excellent orthopedists, otolaryngologists, surgeons and obstetricians on staff.

Those were critical times in health care because during the next 15 years the Commonwealth attempted to close a number of small community hospitals and considered Tobey Hosptial a candidate. Leadership changed several times at Tobey Hospital during those years until a merger became possible with the Southcoast System.

Since then, our community hospital has grown in many ways. A broad range of specialists are now available. The physical plant is modern and the equipment in all areas of the hospital is state of the art. The emergency room is staffed with board certified emergency medicine trained physicians. Wareham Pediatrics has been fortunate to attract exceptional pediatricians, nurse practitioners and a physician assistant to the area to serve this young community. All remain committed to providing excellence in caring for children.

My wife and I have had the good fortune to raise our three children here and appreciate the local educational opportunities. Our friendships have blossomed, we have enjoyed the seaside pleasures of this community and our commitment to the community has been its own reward. – John Conway, MD