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QA1: What temperature is too high and when should I take my child to the emergency room for a fever?

QA2: What should I use, tylenol or motrin?

QA3: Can I use sunblock on my infant? What is the safest sunblock level to use?

QA4: If my child is sick, can we be seen the same day?

QA5: How soon can I get my exam record?

QA6: How long will it take to process forms that I send/bring in?

QA7: Why do I sometimes need an appointment before I can refill my prescription?

QA8: I was told that I need to come in person to pick up my Rx. Why is that?

QA9: What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?

QA10: I can’t find my insurance card. Do I need it?

QA11: I have recently moved and my phone number changed. What do I do?

QA12: What types of payment do you accept?

QA13: I left a phone message for a nurse. How long will it take until I get called back?

QA14: What is the difference between Flovent and Pulmicort?

QA15: What is the difference between albuterol and ProAir?

QA16: What is the difference between albuterol (or ProAir) and inhaled steroids (like Flovent and Pulmicort)?

QA17: Is there mercury in any of the shots that you give to children?

QA18: How do I pull ticks off of my children?

QA19: How do I get rid of warts?

QA20: What am I supposed to do with the warts after they have been frozen in your office?

QA21: Does diet effect my acne?

QA22: What vaccines do I as a parent need to make sure that I have?

QA23: What do you recommend for my child who is about to get his driver’s license?

QA24: I had sex and didn’t use a condom. I don’t have any symptoms but could I have an STD?

QA25: My 4 year old sleeps in our bed. Is this wrong?

QA26: Does my child need to take vitamins?

QA27: How can I help my child to learn how to swallow pills?

QA28: My child has tubes in his ears. Can he go under water?

QA29: What is that vision test you used to screen my preschooler’s eyes?

QA30: I’ve heard about banking my baby’s blood from the umbilical cord (also called cord blood banking). What is this? Should I do it?

QA31: How old should my baby be before we pierce his (or her) ears? (2-4 years old)

QA32: When should I think about transitioning my child to an adult doctor?

QA33: When do teeth come in? What do you do for teething? Can I give my child Tylenol? Is it safe to use those numbing gels?

QA34: Can I use bug spray? What kind? How much DEET? On what age children?

QA35: Do I have to accompany my child to the visit?

QA36: My child has been on an antibiotic and is still having a fever. Why?

QA37: My teenage son recently suffered a concussion. When can he return to play?

QA38: My 5 year old child is constipated. How can I help?

QA39: My child has had several MRSA infections, how can I prevent more outbreaks?

QA40: My child’s health care provider has used the terms ‘rescue’ vs ‘control’ medications as it relates to treating asthma. What do those terms mean?

QA41: What is the difference between your Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistant?

QA42: What can I do about mosquitoes?

QA43: Can my child be started on oral birth control pills without having a PAP smear done first?

QA44: Why do you sometimes call and ask to speak to my teenager instead of speaking to me?

QA45: Can I be seen at your office for contraception without my parents’ knowledge?

QA46: What if my periods aren’t regular?

QA47: How old does my child have to be before they can get the HPV vaccine?

QA48: Why do you prescribe electronically?

QA49: Can my son get the HPV vaccine?

QA50: When should my child start seeing a dentist?

QA51: What can I do to stop the diarrhea that happens when my child is on antibiotics?

QA52: How do I know if my child has lice? How do I treat lice? When can my child with lice go back to school?

QA53: Where can I get a list of good websites and/or books that you recommend?

QA54: Can I use a tub for my child’s fever?

QA55: Why does my child with ADHD need to be seen so often?

QA56: Does my child need ear tubes (also known as ventilation tubes, myringotomy tubes, PETs, and others)? When might a child need tubes placed?

QA57: Should my child be on Flouride? Doesn’t the water have flouride in it and isn’t that enough?

QA58: How do I treat diaper rash?

QA59: My child has asthma and we use inhalers. Do we need to use that “SPACER” thing?

QA60: How do I use a spacer?

QA61: How do I clean my spacer?

QA62: Anything else I should know about spacers?

QA63: What is a Special Education 504 Plan?