Vitamin D Drops

Those of you who know my dad know that he is a bit nuts, especially when it comes to trying to get breastfeeding babies to convince their mom that they need Vitamin D supplement drops.  So we know that all babies who are breastfeeding should get the drops, but nobody ever asks little-6-month-old ME what my opinion is on which Vitamin D drops taste good!!

When I was about 3 weeks old my dad brought home some of the Vitamin D drops that are commonly found in all the local drug stores and supermarkets.  Oddly enough, it is made by a formula company; it has not only the Vitamin D that we need, but it also has Vitamin C and A in it.   So I tried it, and I gotta tell y’all that although the taste up front is slightly fruity and pleasant, it has an aftertaste that makes you wanna stop nursing and change over to formula!  I kid you not, this stuff is horrible!   So after trying for 2 or 3 days, I think my dad got the message and figured he’d get some other kind of drops.  So then he brought home a bottle of stuff that is from the same formula company (hello, dad, are you paying attention to this????) but instead of having Vitamin A and C in it, it is only Vitamin D.   Again, a somewhat pleasant taste initially, but a really horrible aftertaste!

The next day, my mom and dad went to one of those fancy supermarkets…you know, with all the organic stuff in it….a place where if you don’t bring your own bags they glare at you.   After spending some time reading lots of labels, they spent some dough and got some new brands of Vitamin D drops in hopes that one would taste OK.  And they got smart and made my big sister and big brothers try them first.

 So, here are my reviews of the 3 they bought:

“Carlson Super Daily D3”  This one has almost no flavor at all and one dose is only one drop.  The weird thing is that the bottle doesn’t have one of the droppers that you are probably used to.  Instead there is a tiny spout on the bottle and you have to hold the bottle upside down for a while to get a drop to come out, and shaking doesn’t help.  So it’s OK if you wanna put a drop onto my cereal, but mom and dad don’t like trying to put a drop into my mouth because I’d rather smile at them than open my mouth and just wait.  So I don’t think this one is a smart buy.

“ChildLife Vitamin D3”   This one has the type of dropper you are used to, so that’s good.  As for taste, it has a slight berry flavor, though one of my brothers thought it was tasteless.  It has a very mild aftertaste, but it is pretty pleasant.   The weird thing is that the label says 500 International Units of Vitamin D are in 8 drops….and since you wanna give cute babies like me 400 International Units, it’s a little hard to do!   But dad seems to think that this is OK; it almost seems like he just squirts some into my mouth.

 “Yum-Yum D3 Liquid” is the third and last one they bought in this experiment.  Boy, what a dumb name: Yum-Yum!  But, I will say here, in black and white, that it has a pretty pleasant, mild orange flavor without an aftertaste.   It’s label says 200 International Units per drop, so mom and dad seem to just give me 2 drops whenever they pull this bottle out of the basket.

The 3 Vitamin D supplements that they got at Whole Foods….oooops, was I not supposed to type that dad?… were all in the $10 – $13 range.   So for all my BFFs out there, if you hate the flavor of the Vitamin D drops mom and dad are pushing on you, tell them to get either the ChildLife or the Yum-Yum brands I mentioned above.

With raspberries,


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