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QA55: Why does my child with ADHD need to be seen so often?

Children with ADHD need to be seen in our office frequently so that we can monitor the effectiveness of therapy while ensuring that there are no unwanted side effects. The most common medication that we use to treat ADHD with are stimulants such are ritalin or adderall. Common side effects of these medications are loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and abnormal pulse or elevated blood pressure.

During your child’s ADHD follow up visit, we will check their weight, pulse, blood pressure, and ask about recent school performance and behavior, there are many times that based on information learned during these visits we adjust medication dosages or make further recommendations to your child’s plan of care.

Frequent follow up visits for children with ADHD is not just our policy, it is a Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) national quality benchmark. We pride ourselves in our ADHD care and consistently meet or exceed the HEDIS benchmark. – Jason Reynolds, MD/PhD

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