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QA20: What am I supposed to do with the warts after they have been frozen in your office?

After the area of freezing heals, soak the wart(s) in warm water, file it down with an emory board (clearly marked with a Sharpie Marker on both sides: “WART”; filing your nails with this emory board will result in spreading the wart virus to your nails!) then place some over-the-counter wart liquid on each wart, allow to dry, then place duct tape over it. Sometime 24-48 hours later, remove the tape and then repeat the process. Come back to the office in 2 weeks for another freeze. We will typically freeze warts 3 times or so, and if they wart is not gone by that time, then we will gladly provide you with a dermatolgist who can do other things to help out (different feezing, burning, cutting, etc).

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