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QA17: Is there mercury in any of the shots that you give to children?

Thimerosal was routinely used as a preservative in all vaccines until 1999.  At that time,  the decision was made to remove it from all vaccines given to children under the age of 6, except for the inactivated influenza vaccine (flu shot).  This decision was controversial because the amount of mercury in thimerosal was considered to be safe and there was no scientific evidence that it caused autism.  Many physicians feared that removing thimerosal from the vaccines would validate the belief it was responsible for causing autism in children.  However, others felt that removing it from the vaccines would help the public feel safe about continuing to have their children vaccinated.  At Wareham Pediatrics, all shots we give children under the age of 3 years are thimerosal free (including inactivated influenza vaccines).  The live attenuated influenza vaccine (flu mist) has always been thimerosal-free. Jason Reynolds, MD/PhD

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