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QA15: What is the difference between albuterol and ProAir?

Albuterol sulfate is what we call an asthma rescue medication.  It relaxes the muscles that surround the small airways in our lungs to improve the movement of air during breathing.  Albuterol comes in many forms; an oral liquid (that is not used often due to side effects), a liquid that is used in a nebulizer, and as a metered-dose inhaler.  The two most commonly prescribed metered dose inhalers are ProAir and Ventolin HFA.  At Wareham Pediatrics we prescribe ProAir because it is less expensive than Ventolin and works just as well!  Many times our staff will use ProAir and Albuterol interchangeably because from a chemical standpoint they are the same medication.  –Jason Reynolds, MD/PhD

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