My review of a book that mom and dad are reading: Retro Baby

Those of you who know my dad know that he is a bit nuts, especially when it comes to media-related topics.  Because all parents want the best possible start for all of us kids, many parents are sucked in by all the advertising hype from anyone who sells anything for us babies. Bouncy things, walkers and exer-saucers, carriers, electronic toys, and “educational” videos are all advertised as things that will make our lives easier and will make us kids smarter, but my dad says that most of this stuff can impede our development!  Well I’ll tell ya’ that after an afternoon of me and my dad sitting around looking at each other, there was only so much a 4 month old baby can take of her dad going “ga ga ga goooooooo” and blowing raspberries at me.   I mean I was drenched already and I was just starting to up my own saliva production so that everyone can say that I’m teething (…..that’s another blog that I’ll have to write about later though)!   So I had to figure out a way to get my dad a copy of this new book Retro Baby from the American Academy of Pediatrics.   Lucky for me I have an account on Amazon, though I hear you can also get it on the Academy’s website (

retro_babyThis book is pretty cool and it gives my dad lots of ideas of things to do with me so that I don’t have to sit there anymore and watch him get all googly-eyed with me and drooling and stuff like that!  The book gets into how crucial connections are formed between our baby brains and muscles during the first year of life and talks about how the overuse of some baby products can hinder infant exploration, and how good old-fashioned get on the floor play affects my development in a positive way.  It gives tons of ideas so that my dad doesn’t get bored with me.

Retro Baby is written by a very experienced occupational therapist and mother of three, and if I could meet her I’d tell her “thanks for giving my dad so many things to do with me

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