Oct 2, 2013 (read online)
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We have reached the 6 month point in our Telehealth Obesity Collaboration with The OWL Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital.  We currently have 7 patients who have completed 6 months of participation in this novel treatment program.  By the end of October another 7 patients will complete the first 6 months of the program.  Thus far, the results have been impressive.  Several children have lost 10 pounds in the program.  For those who have not been as successful with weight loss, we have seen children gain self confidence from participation in the program and learn how to make healthy food choices to improve their overall health.  Currently we have 35 patients in the program and we have two more information sessions in October and November.  We hope to enroll up to 13 patients to help us meet our goal of 48 patients.   To learn more about this program, please click here.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Lyon has been invited to speak at a conference sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital titled “Childhood Obesity:  Turning Science into Care”.  She will be part of a panel discussion talking about treating obesity in the community with collaboration from specialists using telehealth.

WPA News

We want to announce the winner of our “like us on facebook” contest.JessicaLB  Jessica Brown attended her first Patriots game on September 21st as a result of our contest.  When she came to pick up her tickets she informed us that she won the tickets on her birthday and “was thrilled to get such a great Birthday present from her children’s pediatrician.” 

Dr. Reynolds was invited to speak to the teachers and staff of the Old Rochester Regional School District about food allergies and anaphylaxis.  He also was invited to speak to parents and children in Rochester at the Rochester Memorial School Open house this month.  He enjoyed the opportunity to educate the community about food allergies and importance of learning how to recognize and treat life threatening allergic reactions.

Around Wareham

The Wareham YMCA has some interesting events coming up in the next few weeks.  In October they have a few fundraisers that you may find interesting.  Click here to learn more about YMCA events.

Another great place to find out about events in the Southcoast area for kids go to www.southcoast.com and click on calendar under the entertainment link.  This link is updated weekly and gives useful information on many kid friendly events and organizations in the area.

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Patient Tips

Dr. Mendes has written an article offering helpful advice to help you and your child adjust to the new school year.  The article has helpful information on bullying, backpack safety, homework, and other topics.  Click here to read more.

Up and Coming

Over the next few months our nursing staff will be busy offering flu clinics for our patients.  We are grateful that our nurses sign up to work extra hours to ensure that our patients have access to flu vaccine.  The schedule of our flu clinics can be found by clicking here.  To take advantage of a flu clinic to get your child immunized, please call our office to schedule an appointment.  To ensure that our flu clinics run smoothly, we do not accept walk-ins during this time.  We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at a flu clinic.

Useful Links

Boston Children’s Hospital has launched a newly redesigned website and we would like to call your attention to their “KidsMD” section.  This is the patient education section of their website and contains useful information on many child health topics.  It also includes a blog that has useful information on current health topics that are in the news.  To see more about “KidsMD” click here.

Families often have questions regarding vaccine safety and the need to vaccinate their children to protect against diseases that we do not see very often.  The media often has reports about the perceived link between autism and the MMR vaccine.  Pediatricians and infectious disease experts have often worried that we could see an increase in the number of children diagnosed with measles due to resistance to vaccinate.  Please take a look at this recent article from NPR about the increase in measles cases noted this year.  It is becoming much more important to ensure that your child has adequate protection against serious and potentially fatal diseases such as measles. 

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