July 16, 2013 (read online)
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The Telehealth Collaboration between Wareham Pediatrics and Obesity Treatment Specialists in the Optimal Weight for Life Program at Boston Children’s Hospital was recently mentioned in a post in the Boston Children’s Hospital’s science and clinical innovations blog.  To see what was said about this project click here.  We have been actively enrolling patients since March and currently have enrolled 27 patients in this novel program and recently have had our first follow up visits for patients who have reached the 3 month stage of the project.  We have seen several patients and their families make significant changes to their dietary habits and some have also lost over 10 pounds.  Overall the feedback from participants has been very positive.  We will continue to enroll patients through November.  If you have a child between the ages of 10 and 17 who is overweight you can learn more about the project by clicking here.  If you are interested in enrolling in the study, you can contact our office.

On another note, you may notice a new face at our front desk this summer.  Kiernan Reynolds has joined our front desk staff as a medical secretary while he his home from college.  newsletter_7-15-2013_4Having an extra staff member at the front desk has helped us cover our extended weekend (Saturday and Sunday 8 am – noon) and evening hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 8 pm) during the summer. 

WPA News

June and July have been busy months for Dr. Mendes!  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mendes was recently given the Boston Children’s Hospital Community Pediatrician Award.  This is the second year in a row that one of our physicians has been recognized for excellence in primary care and commitment to the community.  You can read more about the award by clicking here.   

On July 11th, Dr. Mendes and his wife Sarah welcomed Julia Mendes to their family.  Take a moment to congratulate him when you see him in the office!

Dr. Reynolds ran the Marion Village 5K on June 29th with two of his children, Meredith and Kiernan.  newsletter_7-15-2013_3After the race, Dr. Reynolds said “It was great to get out and see so many of our patients and their parents running.  My children have been helping me get into shape and this was a good chance to get out and run my first road race in 2 years.  I am looking forward to running the Rochester Road Race in August and hope to improve my time.”

Around Wareham

The South Coast YMCA has several events coming up, including the Farm to Table Dinner and Bird Island Challenge.  To find out about more about these events (and others) please click here.

August 10th Rochester will be hosting the 8th Annual 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Food Pantry – Damien’s Place.  Runners are asked to bring canned goods or shelf-stable item for donation.  To learn more about the race click here.

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Patient Tips

For families that are trying to improve their eating habits in an attempt to either lose weight or prevent obesity, we have a few helpful hints to try.  First, decrease the amount of juice and soda you drink each day replacing it with water.  Secondly, eat paired snacks when you are hungry.  Eating paired snacks means you eat a non-starchy vegetable, fruit, or grain with a protein or fat.  Pairing snacks alters the way your body digests foods and utilizes energy.   The last helpful hint is to make sure that you fill half your plate with fruits and non-starchy vegetables at dinner.  The second-half of your plate should be evenly distributed with a protein and starchy vegetable or grain.  Many times we eat more protein, starchy vegetables, and grains than we should which results in increased calorie intake and weight gain.  Non-starchy vegetables and fruits are a good source of fiber and by eating more of these foods people feel less hungry and take in fewer calories at meals.

Our collaborators at the Optimal Weight for Life Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital have provided us with two helpful patient education handouts to help parents and children eat healthful foods during the summer months.  The first handout entitled Meal Ideas gives meal and snack ideas for a week.  The second handout entitled grocery list highlights healthful foods to look for when shopping for healthful meals.

Up and Coming

Wareham Pediatrics is proud to announce our next “Like Us on Facebook” Contest.  We are giving away 2 Patriot tickets to their September 22 game against Tampa Bay.  All you have to do to be eligible to win these tickets is like us before September 1st.

Useful Links

The American Academy of Pediatrics has very useful Summer Safety Tips on their website.  At this site you can get useful information on many different summer activities including biking and playground safety.  They also have useful information on insect repellents which is very helpful in our area where parents are often concerned about preventing West Nile Virus infection or Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  Click here to read more about these topics and more.

To learn more about Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus in Massachusetts click here.  This site is maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and includes information on the signs and symptoms of EEE and West Nile Virus infection as well as information about the current risk in our area.

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