January 23, 2014 (read online)
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Happy New Year!!


The Wareham Pediatrics Behavioral Health implementation team has been very busy with both educational and organizational meetings over the past few months.  We are very excited about our upcoming collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric Physician’s Organization to enhance the behavioral health resources available to our patients.   This past week we were honored to have Dr. Roslyn Murov, The Director of Outpatient Psychiatry Services at Boston Children’s Hospital attend a meeting in our office to discuss challenging behavioral health cases from our office and to describe the ongoing collaboration that will exist to benefit our patients.


In addition to Dr. Mendes, we would like to recognize the other members of our behavioral health team who have been working hard to make this program a reality.  The team members are:  Nurse Practitioner, Kathleen Carr, Medical Home Care Coordinator, Bianca Robinson, Referral Coordinator Kristine Brunette, and Practice Administrator, Robin Zahner.

WPA News

This past Christmas the employees of Wareham Pediatrics adopted one of our needy families at Christmas.  We collected new and used household items, clothes, and toys that were wrapped and ready for Christmas.


Following the success of this endeavor we are now looking to partner with an area charitable organization to have a more formal process in place for the new year to help identify families in need and to aid in the collection and distribution of items around the holiday, more information will be available about this in the coming year.

Around Wareham

The Southcoast YMCA has several interesting items on their webpage this time of year including vacation and summer camp information.  The Spring Program brochure is available as well as several community activities such as fundraisers and blood drives.

We would also like to call attention to events in February that Wareham Pediatrics proudly supports.  On February 20, 21, and 22nd Tabor Academy will be putting on their Winter Musical, Legally Blonde.  The Tabor musical is always an entertaining event and we encourage families to consider going.  The Wareham Free Library Mini Golf fundraiser is Saturday February 15th from 6 – 9 pm and February 16th from 10 am – 4 pm.  More information should be available soon at the Wareham Library website.

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Patient Tips

Your first few months as a new parent can be very intimidating as you learn to care for your baby.  In order to help ensure your child will get a healthy start in life, we have a link on our website that is devoted to new parents.  One of the most common questions we hear from parents is how to calm or soothe a crying baby.  Often times, parents equate crying with a problem, but that is not always the case.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has a useful handout on how to soothe your baby and it is referenced in our link for new parents.  We would also like to bring your attention to something written by Libby Coughlin, FNP, in a previous newsletter about soothing your baby.  To read Libby’s recommendations, click here.

Up and Coming

Our Soundings Newsletter is now over a year old as we move into our second year of publishing the newsletter we would love to know what information you would like to see covered in our newsletter.  To suggest a topic you can leave a comment on our newsletter Facebook  post.  While you are there to leave a comment, consider liking us on Facebook.

Useful Links

Influenza season is now in full swing.  In the past week we have had 6 cases of flu identified in the office compared to 1 case during the month of December.  According to CDC surveillance influenza is widespread throughout the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  It is not too late to call the office to schedule an appointment for a flu shot.  The CDC website has some very useful information on influenza prevention as well as information about the safety and effectiveness of influenza vaccination.  This year there have already been 20 children who have died from influenza in the United States, our goal to do everything possible to prevent influenza and its complications in our patients.

For our parents of teens we would like to share a link that gives advice on talking to your kids about drinking.  Click here to see advice from Dr. Claire Murphy at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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