May 16, 2013 (read online)
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Our Medical Home Care Coordinator, Bianca Robinson, has been spending one day a week for the past few months working with leaders from Boston Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric Physicians Organization on a care coordination project that aims to improve communication and collaboration between primary care offices such as Wareham Pediatrics and specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital.  IMG_2732sThe goal of this project is to improve patient and family satisfaction with their care, improve the clinical quality of care provided, and strengthen communication and collaboration between primary care pediatricians and specialists at Boston Children’s Hospital.  We are proud of the work that Bianca is doing on behalf of our patients.

We are constantly striving to improve the care we give our patients.  Recently we have begun to measure the quality of care given to children in our practice.  quality_chartOver the past year we have had several quality improvement initiatives involving improving the efficiency of delivering well child care to our patients, improving flu shot delivery to our highest risk patients, and improving the chronic care of patients with asthma.  Click here to see our most recent quality report.


WPA News

This month we officially welcomed spring with an office cookout to celebrate Dr. Conway’s birthday.  The weather and food were outstanding and it was a great opportunity to gather together as a staff and enjoy each other’s company. 

dr. conway party-1dr conway party-2

Around Wareham

The South Coast YMCA has several events coming up, including the 11th Annual Road Race, Kids Night Out, and Electronic Recycle Day.  To find out about more about these events (and others) please click here.

Little Peoples College has an opening in their Teen Parent Program.  To learn more about this program click here.

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Patient Tips

Spring sports are now into full swing, with children in our area participating in lacrosse, baseball, and spring soccer leagues.  Participation in sports has many healthful benefits, but also increases the risk of injury.  Some helpful advice in the treatment of most sports injuries can be remembered by the mnemonic; RICE.  The most important step is to rest the injured body part.  To prevent the accumulation of swelling and further damage to the part, apply ice for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours.  Applying a compression bandage (an ace wrap) also can limit the accumulation of swelling and also provides comfort.  The last step is to keep the injured body part elevated.  If you are concerned about the severity of the injury and question whether a trip to the emergency room is needed, please feel to contact our office and talk to one of our nurses or physicians who can help you determine whether a trip to the hospital is needed.  For more information about the treatment and prevention of sports injuries click here.

Up and Coming

Wareham Pediatrics is proud to announce our participation in a novel project to improve the care of mental health patients in our office.  Dr. Mendes will be leading a team of staff from Wareham Pediatrics that will collaborate with physicians and staff from the Pediatric Physician’s Organization at Children’s (PPOC) that will help implement a program in our office to provide improved recognition and treatment of childhood mental health problems in the primary care office.

Useful Links

Now that spring is upon us and we are spending more time outside with our children, we would like you provide you with some useful information.  For more information about protecting your child from the harmful effects of the sun click here.  Along with the nice weather comes yard clean up.  Already we have seen several cases of poison ivy; this link from the American Academy of Pediatrics provides useful information on the management of poison ivy.

Many times families call our office for information about Lyme disease testing and treatment.  Each spring we review the Infectious Disease Society of America Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease to ensure that we are providing our patients with care consistent with recommendations from experts in the field.  If you would like to learn more about Lyme disease you can watch these videos containing information about the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic Lyme disease.

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