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Here are some useful Back-to-school tips for you and your child. It is never too late!

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Need help with your preschooler’s social skills? There is a class here in Wareham that may be good for you. We have it posted in our Community Resources section and you can see their flyer here.

Interested in a Free Early Pregnancy Education Class? The class is primarily for young women thinking about becoming pregnant soon or who are in their first trimester of pregnancy. Class topics will include nutrition, birth planning, substance use, risks, lifestyle and breastfeeding. Registration required 508-273-4151, meeting will be held in the evening, snacks provided, and a free book.

Our latest Facebook contest has ended and the winner is…Jessica Leigh Brown. JessicaLB

Jessica was the lucky winner of two tickets to the New England Patriots home game on Sept 22. Congratulations! “She was thrilled to get such a great Birthday present from Dr. Reynolds, her children’s pediatrician.” And our thanks to all of you for joining us on Facebook. As your pediatric care specialists, we appreciate having the opportunity to join with you in managing the health of your children. So thank you for connecting with us through our website, Facebook, Patient Portal, Soundings Newsletter, and through your phone calls and visits.