Each Fall as influenza vaccine becomes available, we offer flu clinics for patients to obtain vaccination. So that we may provide short waits, these clinics are by appointment only; please call now to schedule an appointment.  If you can not make it to a flu clinic, parents can still schedule appointments with our staff so their child can get an influenza vaccine.  Follow our Hot Health Topics to learn about flu issues in our community.


Day Time

We will post our flu clinic schedule when vaccine is available.

We will post flu clinic dates when vaccine becomes available.


 Educational Materials/Handouts


  • Children 6mo through 3 yrs of age receive a preservative-free flu shot.
  • Children over 2 yrs old who are healthy, do not have asthma, have not wheezed in the last year, have not received the MMR or the chickenpox vaccine in the last 4 weeks or have not been on steroids in the last 6 weeks can receive the Flu Mist.
  • Children with egg allergies CAN get the vaccine because the amount of egg proteins in the vaccine is too small to cause a severe reaction, though to be safe we will keep you in the office for 30 minutes of observation.


We are lucky to have received vaccine early this year!

  • We have the live attenuated flu vaccine, which is the nose spray, for anyone who meets the criteria for receiving it (see above), and is 24 months old or older.
  • We have the injectable flu vaccine for anyone who is 6 months old or older.


The flu vaccine is a safe and effective way to prevent influenza in children. Most insurance companies cover influenza vaccine inoculation.  If you have concerns about the cost of influenza vaccination check with your insurance company just to be sure as restrictions may apply.

Our flu clinics are staffed by our own nurses, but sometimes we do get some help from our friendly dinosaur!


This video below might be difficult for some people to watch, as it is very sad.  Viewer discretion is advised.