1. 1.Check Financial records and update your address for W2’s
  2. Take a look at the FAFSA website & apply for student aid  2011-2012, if you plan to attend college between July 1,2011 & June 30, 2012
  3. Weatherize your home
  4. Change fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
  5. Make annual appointments physicals, vision, dental & hearing
  6. Contact your health insurance about any changes you have had, especially address changes
  7. Check the balance in your flexible spending account
  8. Discard any unused expired medication, www.fda.gov/consumer has great tips on how to do this
  9. Take a home inventory and update your insurance policy
  10. Check all of your important documents (passport, CCL, driver’s license, etc) to see if any are expiring in the upcoming year and need to be renewed.
  11. Help your kids get ready to be successful (SAT tests are coming up, & scholarship applications will be due soon)
  12. Have the following items in your car in case of an emergency snow shovel, blanket, spare tire, tools, air compressor, flashlight, food, cell phone, and a first aid kit
  13. Have your car serviced
  14. Take a health inventory and create goals for the new year
  15. Set a yearly budget
  16. Update your address book, this is handy for babysitters
  17. 17. Have an emergency planning meeting with your family